Hamit Up Studio is a great place for recording. 

 Joeham is THE go-to-guy who helps the artist be the best in creating their music.

* Tony Lewis

“What can I say about Hamit Up Productions.....Professional, Personable, Top Notch Sound Quality With Every Project.  Why Settle For Less When You Can Have The Best With Hamit Up Productions.”

* B. Dexter Allgood

Hamit Up Studio, Is a blessing to who ever is Fortunate enough to be associated with it. It gives you the advantage of knowing that your music is being handled in a state of the art studio. The rates are more than Reasonable. Most of all the force behind the studio, Mr. Joeham, Actually Cares about Your Music As Much As You Do. Thanks for the Experience Every time, Much Love!

* James Jones

Hi....I'm Deborah C. Hodge, a vocalist, with a few other talents in the music arena. I have been recording for many years and I usually do not enjoy the recording session... stand here...don't move too close to the mic...but Joeham made recording so MUCH FUN!!! We shared a lot of laughs and he didn't try to tell me how to do me.

I appreciate that so much. Can't wait for the next session!!!

Recording my first CD as an independent artist was a huge undertaking in every way. Guided by the expertise of 

Mr. Joe Ham, Producer and Engineer of Hamit Up Productions at The Hamit Up Studio, The Finished Product Surpassed Our Highest Expectations. You’re In Great Capable Hands At The Hamit Up Studio.

Sign Me, “Satisfied Client”, 

* Janice Marie Robinson 

“I really enjoyed working with Joe Ham recording my audiobook. He is a consummate professional and has an impeccable knack for detail and strong work ethic. I look forward to working with him on future projects”.

* Alicia Crowe

As a songwriter there’s nothing more imperative than to connect with an experienced recording engineer/producer willing to hear your songs and give every effort to produce the sound that you anticipate with the skill and knowledge to make it first class.  It’s my personal perspective that Mr. Joe Ham has years of studio experience that results in top notch products. His humor, honesty and gift to hear accuracy is of a caliber that’s unmeasured. A succinct way to put it might be with 3 A’s... Accessible; Affordable; & ALRIGHTALRIGHTALRIGHT!!!

* Pastor Richard Smith